Star Wars: The Wretched Hive

Entry #1

Today’s action doesn’t bode well. Doon assigned me to an action team with 3 other operatives. They seem like fine people, and I have worked with all of them before, but never as a group. Immediately after discussing the mission, Doon’s compound was over-run with imperial forces. He accompanied us to the landing pad, where our transport was waiting. We had to fight our way through a line of stormtroopers. We managed to get off planet, but not without some serious injuries.

The next round of surgery begins in the morning.

Entry #2

All the surgury is sucessful, everyone is back in tip top shape, if a little worse for wear.

Den the Vibroblade fighter is pacing like a caged animal, I have seen him fight, he can rip through several trained, armed troopers. It’s like he looses his personality, and becomes a killing machine. In a hand to hand fight, I would bet on him over a Gammorian.

Koth, the Bothan Jedi, is the second member of the team, I never thought I would see a Jedi, after they turned on our forces in the clone wars, but after my own experiances with the Naboo Order, it makes more sense that the story was concocted to take out a signifigant threat to Naboo’s power after using them to establish and legitimize their tyrrany… Anyway, back to Koth, his magic powers are amazing to see in action. He has adapted pretty well to the life we have, hiding from Imperial agents, and making due with what we can get away with.

Lastly Quayce the gunslinger, probably the best fit to the life we have here. Doesn’t talk much, but he is probably the best shot I have ever seen in my life. The only thing I find odd, is that he was meditating the whole way from Doon’s Compound, just like Koth. Heh, maybe he’s tapped in to the force as well.

The plan hinges on posing as Theta works employees, getting past bay security. Then we hack into the computer, and find out were Spreeg is being held. We have station plans, and there is no listed detention area, so that’s to our benifit. It means the systems around wherever they are holding him probably won’t be hardened aginst intrusion.

If we plotted a good course, We should drop back to Realspace in about 3 hours.

Entry #3

Just jumped into realspace, Quace got to the controls first, so he’s got the stick, and I am here in the co-pilot chair with a couple hours to kill.

Looks like the imperials are visiting too. The Destroyer Carnifex is orbiting the station. I think the plan will still be workable, but the stakes just went up. Best we can do is dock and check out the situation.

Entry #4

The Imperials turned out to be an unexpected boon. I am writing this from a command chair much like my old chair only this one is installed on the Chariot … I suppose I am officially a pirate now.

We got onto the station exactly as planned, we arrived at about the same time as the chariot that was picking up a cargo for the Carnifex. We talked our way onto the station and were able to slice the computer and get the information we needed to locate Spreeg. He was being held on a habitat level. A guest of Thetaworks.

We simply walked up and quietly subdued the guards…They weren’t expecting any trouble, so it was a complete surprise. Den managed to more than subdue one of them.. perhaps a better word would be evicerate. Quace and I tricked the guard’s inside the Suite into coming out of the room into an ambush. We figured that Den and Koth would be able to detain a single straggler before he could sound an alarm, and we entered the room to find Spreeg.
There was a droid in the room as well as the guard; It jumped Quace as soon as he entered the room, clearly the droid was built for close quarters fighting. Quayce tried to shoot it, the bolt glanced off it’s armor, and suddenly the droid was on top of him. It wrapped several arms around Quayce, and as suddenly as the conflict started, it ended as the droid grappleing Quace just… imploded. Koth the Jedi must have used one of his powers. Damn, that Bothan is handy.

We split up the group, and Koth and I escorted the prisoners down to the landing bay via the ductwork. So we attracted no undue attention, once we were down there, we surveyed the scene, and I found a connection to the computer, so that I could knock out the tractor beam, but as I was doing that, Quayce warned me that our handiwork had been discovered, so I sealed up the blast doors on the landing bay, keeping out reinforcements. Quace managed some sort of distraction, at the same time Koth got out, and we were able to convince the troopers, who had gathered around our vent, that our little group was in the duct working. They bought it, and Koth and the two guests were able to walk away.
Meanwhile, Den and Quayce managed to get aboard the shuttle, posing as Theta employees.
At the same time they started blasting the crew, The deck officer noticed that his company’s guests were walking across the landing bay to a waiting ship.
He signaled an alarm, and rallied the Theta employees. The imperials were trying to withdraw back to their ship, but since we were in Theta uniforms, it was really difficult for them to tell who was friend and who was foe.
I feigned surrender, then broke for one of the grav lifters, they aren’t designed for combat, but they are capable with their cutting and welding arms. The other grav sled managed to land a shot on me, but I gave as good as I got, and was still able to line up an attack run on the Imperial Commander, wounded he continued the assault to regain control of his ship. In his place, I probably would have done the same thing.

The imperials charged up the gangplank one after another, right into Quayce and Den’s fire, and the commander dropped. Moments later, Koth had the prisoners aboard Doon’s transport, and I rode the lifter right into the Chariot’s landing bay. Leaving 3 troopers standing on the deck, alone. We slipped out of the landing bay, and reported a technical problem to the Carnifex and as we waited for assistance, we calculated our course and escaped into hyperspace.

Now it’s just a matter of getting back to Doon, getting paid, and figuring out what to do with this ship.



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