Star Wars: The Wretched Hive

Grapthar's Log pt2


Doon’s Compound is a total bust. Apparently the Imperial raid on his compound was sufficient to overcome his defenses. We searched the compound only to come across some scavengers in Doon’s great hall. The Hall was in shambles, a section of the ceiling had collapsed, and nothing of value remained in the room.
The group was wearing night vision goggles, and was tearing the place apart. They were mostly add race . Once again I was amazed by the martial prowess of my companions. Den shot like a tiger into the dark, and I lost sight of him. Quayce was like lightning, I don’t know what he saw or how he saw it, but he fired into the darkness, and a headless body dropped halfway across the room. He has amazing eyesight, his eyes don’t sparkle like Den’s though..
I was able to hot wire the emergency lights, evening the odds, And Koth and I were able to engage two more of the Scavenging thugs. When the lights came up Den looked stunned, but I guess he finds fighting revitalizing, because in a few moments he had dispatched his two opponents knife to knife.

- Details to add later: *Searching the bodies *finding the tattoo, *Getting security tape – including the lightsaber *attack by space ninja.

ENTRY 6 Meeting with Vassan Jate
  • Be sure to bill Doon for the bribe *


More to come. Work to do now.



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