Jonn Quayce

A force sensitive gunslinger


Jonn Quayce Human Scoundrel 4; Scout 1

Str 13 Dex 16 Con 12 Int 10 Wis 13 Chr 14

Defenses Fort 17 Reflex 20 Wil 17

HP 41 Damage Threshhold 17

Combat Heavy Pistol (with Point Blank) +8 hit, 3d8+3 damage; Also Battle Strike & Force Grip

Key Skills: Use the Force 14 (has Force Pilot Talent) Initiative 10 Deception 9 Perception 8

Moderate Skills Acrobatics 5 Ride 5 Stealth 5

Talents Gambler (plan to have some fun with this); Force Pilot Acute Senses

Feats Weapon Prof (Pistols and Simple); Point Blank Shot; Quick Draw; Force Sensitive; Force Training: Battle Strike and Force Grip Skill Focus Use the Force


Jonn Quayce was born and raised on Dantooine. Unlike most of the human population, his family was not farmers, but prominent gun merchants. They operated legally and mostly sold hunting rifles to farmers who needed to fend off Kath Hounds. Jonn was ten when the Separatists invaded, his family unluckily being located in the middle of the battle zone.

The hero of that battle, Mace Windu, would find the lone survivor of the Quayce family wandering the battle field. Consumed with rage, Windu showed the boy an uncharacteristic amount of compassion. He suspected the boy’s survival was due in large part to his connection to the force. When the boy asked to join and be trained as a Jedi, Windu refused. Jonn was too old and Windu still regretted the inclusion of Anakin Skywalker in the Jedi Order.

Adrift, Jonn had to scavenge to stay alive and eventually left Dantooine as little more than a slave on a trade ship. His force sensitive piloting earned him enough freedom and credits to land him on Nar Shaada where he quickly fell into the seedy underworld of the Corellian Sector’s Level 88. There he found employment among the casinos both as an enforcer and as a gambler.

By the end of the Clone Wars, Jonn had killed half a dozen men in duels and was supporting himself exclusively as a gambler. A turning point came when a renegade Jedi sensing the force in Jonn begged him for help, but still bitter about his rejection by Mace Windu, Jonn watched as Imperial Stormtroopers gunned him down.

The Jedi, an Ithorian named Ral Toreena, began to appear to Jonn in his dreams. Suddenly Jonn’s luck was gone and he began to lose at the Sabaac table. Within months he went from being a successful gambler on his way to operating his own casino to a drifter in debt to the Hutts.

“Your destiny lies elsewhere,” the ghostly Ral explained as Quayce left Nar Shaada. To spite the Jedi ghost, Quayce joined up with Kel-Dor crime boss Varan Doon in the Seswenna sector. Now he keeps ahead of the debt by his gun arm with Ral rearing up at strange times – usually when he is least expected or wanted.

Jonn Quayce

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