Cygnus System

Planetary system in the Expansion Region of the galaxy.

Cygnus is a trinary system, made up of three stars designated A, B, and C.

Cygnus A is a blue giant. It has 12 planets in orbit around it, and an asteroid belt. The asteroid belt and 3 gas giants that orbit the primary contain the majority of human settlement.

Currently the Cygnus system is part of the Empire under the control of an imperial governor. The governor administers the Imperial Naval presence in the system. Cygnus A is also home of the Cygnus Fleet systems primary shipyards.

Cygnus B is a yellow star with 5 rocky planets, including the only habitable planet in the start system. This planet is almost entirely covered by water, and is home to one of the few sentient plant life forms in the galaxy. The planet is referred to as Cygnus B, and officially the entire Cygnus B system is owned by the native plant intelligence.

Cygnus C is a red dwarf that orbits the other two stars at a great distance.


Cygnus A was settled nearly 4000 years ago as a colony of the Galactic Republic. It was a Star Grant to Jacen Taggart first Duke of Cygnus for his service in the Madalorian Wars. Duke Cygnus, suspicious of the interstellar corporations around him, set up his new start system as a haven for individuals. He ennobled the 39 Rock Lords established the Moot, and reserved for the power of the Duke, a single industry… banking. Leading to the 10% system of taxation. Until the Imperial take over, running a bank or lending money was illegal in the Cygnus system.

Cygnus has a long tradition as a source of small space craft, raw materials, and light military space forces in the many periods of instability of it’s first 2000 years. The Nobility of Cygnus took it’s responsibilities seriously, and as a large force of trained Spacers, and a large navy of small fighting ships, they answered the call of The Grand Armada of the Republic whenever the call went out. A large force of ships was lost in the New Sith wars, and Cygnus slipped with the rest of the galaxy into the Dark Age. Cygnus, ever independent minded, was always a powerhouse of manufacturing and raw material production, even in those dark times, and many sophonts from all over the galaxy, moved into the belt, and became subjects of the Duke.

During this time, Glisten station, capital of the belt was constructed as a Center of commerce, and a focal point of trade with the out system visitors. When the Republic started to reform, Cygnus the XXXIV was a staunch advocate of reformation. In the thousand-year peace that followed, Cygnus once again joined galactic politics, and became a staunch advocate of individual freedoms, and an open enemy of Mega Corporations. In the later years, the Cygnus senate delegation spoke up in support of the Separatist worlds, and urged the Senate not to respond with force. Yet when the Clone Wars began, ¾ of the Cygnus star navy joined the Navy of the republic, and Cygnus fleet systems raised production of ships for the clone army as well. At the close of the Clone wars, the Cygnus fleet was nationalized into the Imperial Navy, and non native ships were assigned to the Cygnus system.

4 years ago, the Tobin, the Earl of Janus, used his political connections to launch a campaign of misinformation about the political situation on Cygnus, and used the uproar to have the Duke removed, and have himself named Governor of the system. The Imperial military backed the coup, and when the Rock Lords raised forces to stop the coup, they faced the Imperial fleet in the system, many were killed and the moot was disbanded.

Much of the population of the belt has abandoned Glisten station, and is hiding in the belt operating outside of Imperial law. This lawless region needs constant patrols to stop attacks on Mining Guild ships that now dominate the belt trade.

Cygnus System

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