Naressa Minor

One of the eleven moons orbiting the planet Naressa, Naressa Minor is the only habitable satellite of the gas giant.

Naressa Minor was terraformed by the Empire shortly after the Emperor declared his autocratic control over the galaxy. The moon possessed vast ulithium, a metal sometimes used in starship hull construction.

A number of legitimate and criminal organizations moved onto the moon and, in addition to the Empire losing interest due to focusing on strengthening its power in the Core and Mid-rim worlds, the Empire lost interest in the moon.

The Empire left the mining operations to the businessfolk, however they still maintain a significant garrison as well as a federal penal colony.

Notable Locations
- Naressa City
- Naressa Minor Imperial Penal Colony

Important Persons
- Varan Doon
- Colonel Jak Gellator
- Vassan Jate

Naressa Minor

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