ThetaWorks is a mega-corporation that specializes in droids. It took Spreeg hostage to hide the fact that missing imperial scientists were spotted in their facilities.

Full text of Spreegs accusations: To give more detail regarding Spreeg’s accusation of ThetaWorks, he explains that one of the ThetaWorks employees seemed weirdly familiar, so on a hunch he grabbed a holoimage with his data pad and went searching on the great HoloNet. With some good old fashioned digging (and facial-recognition software), he identified the man as Borin Yyaryin, a highly regarded member in the scientific community and expert in heuristic processors. Supposedly he disappeared in a shuttle accident six months ago along with several other noted scientists, who at the time were all working heavily with the Galactic Empire. All presumed dead. The scientists were:

- Dr. Borin Yyaryin, human, expert in heuristic processors - Dr. Andian Zamalyvesik, human, xenomorphologist - Uln Nan, human, archaeologist and famous relic hunter - Kosarial Rowan, human, noted inventor of the DXR-6 disruptor rifle - Dr. Dimar Tchyane, (you guessed it) human, composite metals expert

Spreeg suggests that if Dr. Yyaryin is still alive, it is possible the other scientists are as well. And either ThetaWorks is aware of their whereabouts, or has outright acquired them all to help them create new products. The fact that the company abducted him suggests that, for whatever reason, they don’t want anyone to know about it. He further posits that perhaps the scientists are being held against their will.


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